“Practicing Tips for Busy People” by Lorian Bartle

  • It is recommended that students practice consistently throughout the week.  Students should focus on practicing the repertoire covered during each lesson in determining the daily amount of time needed to practice. 
  • Students may consider practicing the same time of day.  For example, school-age children enrolled in extracurricular after-school activities might consider practicing after dinner as a part of a pre-bedtime routine.   Retirees may opt to practice post-breakfast.  Consider what time of day works best for you.
  • Brackets should be placed around spots that that require extra practicing so that practice time may be used efficiently.  If a note/chord is missed, it is recommended that students go back a phrase or measure to fix the note in context rather than starting the piece over again.
  • Consider ways to share your music with others that may include recital performances, informal gatherings of friends and family, campfire songs, talking to others about music, or simply leaving your door open when you practice. 
  • Create your own “playlist” of pieces you enjoy performing and place copies of them in a three-ring binder inside page protectors.
  • Seek out inspiration in attending live music performances. 

Happy Practicing!