Repertoire Selections

Below is a sampling of Lorian Bartle’s repertoire.  Click here for a complete updated copy of the Bartle Guitar Studio playlist.  To listen to audio samples, click here.

Classical Guitar Highlights
Air on the G String (Bach)
“Ave Maria” (Schubert)
“Blackbird” (Lennon/McCartney)
“Edelweiss” (Rodgers/Hammerstein)
“Here Comes the Sun” (Harrison)
“Ode to Joy” (Beethoven)
“Pachelbel’s Canon”
Prelude in C (Bach)
“Scarborough Fair”
Spanish Ballad

Voice and Guitar Highlights
“Come Away with Me” (Jones)
“Everything” (Buble, Chang, and Foster-Gillies)
“Girl from Ipanema” (Gimbel, de Moraes, and Jobim)
“Grow Old with Me” (Lennon)
“La Vie en rose” (Piaf/Louiguy)
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Harburg/Arlen)
“You Raise Me Up” (Lovland/Graham)

“All Through the Night”
“Amazing Grace”
“Beautiful Dreamer”
“Red River Valley”